Day trip to the Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes are two crater lakes located around 901m above sea level in the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park in the mountains north west of Dumaguete City. Easy to reach from there it's a nice destination for a short day trip.

Getting there

Drive north on the highway, leaving Dumaguete and passing Sibulan. A couple km later the road leads along the ocean and a sign marks the way up into the mountains.

It's concrete all the way up, but in parts narrow and sometimes very steep. Smaller scooters might be overwhelmed, especially when riding with a passenger.

At the entrance you got to pay, foreigners pay PHP 100, Filipinos half of that, locals from the area even less. Close to the parking lot there's a small restaurant with a viewing deck.

Nice view of Cebu Island
Ranger Station at the Entrance
Lake Balinsasayao seen from the Restaurant

At the parking lot, the foot path goes down again, and at the lake you can rent a boat to have you paddled over to the other side. It is also possible to walk around the lake instead, you'll reach the view point on the other side after about 20 minutes.

Lake Balinsasayao
Lake Danao
On the shore of Lake Danao
View point between the Twin Lakes
Fern trees like the wet and cooler climate up here

On your way back you can check out the Restaurant Azalea, which has a very nice terrace where you can enjoy the great view and clean air just a little bit longer.

Impressions from a Visit a Few Years Later

Walkway along the shore of Lake Balinsasayo
Lake Balinsasayo, from the viewing deck between the lakes
Lake Danao
A butterfly
Another butterfly