A Crash Bar for the CRF 250 Rally

While it's practical use may be debatable (after all this is not a boxer but a tiny single, and the plastic fairings can take quite a beating), I really like the looks of this crash bar which is made by the indonesian company Advance Adventure. The matte black powder coated pipes nicely match my rear rack with is the exact same kind of material.

I also might mount some aux lights on it at some point. Maybe there is even enough room to put a tool tube horizontally in front of the engine.

Advance Adventure sell their stuff through an Indonesian online shop site called Tokopedia, however I made contact with them through their Instagram (link above). After discussing shipping options and deciding that this was not an option due to high cost I then had the crash bar shipped to a Honda dealership in Bali where I knew I would be able to pick it up during my vacation there. The cost was Rp 1.750.000 which at the time I'm writing this is around USD 120.


The kit comes complete with all parts needed for installation - the crash bar which consists of a left and right part, 3 mounting brackets to connect the bar to the frame, and all necessary bolts, nuts, spacers and washers.

In order to be able to attach the H-shaped mounting point to the frame where the engine is mounted, you have to remove the left and right fairings as well as the front under guard (thats the plastic part in front of the engine). You'll also have to remove your foot pegs since there you will attach the rear ends of the bars.

The two smaller metal brackets attach to the frame where the skid plate is mounted and support the connection of front under guard and skid plate, where the crash bars will be attached using the included long small-diameter bolts and spacers.

This H-shaped mount connects the bars to the frame in the front
These two metal parts stabilize the connection between front under guard and skid plate which serves at middle mounting point

Start mounting the bars in the front and work your way back. I don't know why but in my case, the bars would not slide together all the way (you can see the gap on the photo). I later fixed that by replacing one of the aluminum spacers with a couple washers so the bar on that side came more to the center. I am not sure if it's the bars themselves or the H-mount which is not totally symmetric, anyways not a big deal for me.

Front mounting point connects to the frame
Small gap between the two parts

After fitting the small diameter bolts in the middle part, re-attach the foot pegs with the longer bolts that came with the crash bars and use the additional length to attach the end of crash bars:

In the rear the crash bars connect to the foot peg mounts

Finished Product

Compared to similar solutions for this bike that I have seen so far I think this is the most sturdy product and the only one that could actually protect anything in case the bike goes down.

This is because the bars are not just attached to the fairing mount points. Instead, they create their own mounts in front of the engine and use the foot peg mounts on the other end. Only in the middle the bars connect to the plastics at all, but with the two metal reinforcements in place which again connect to the frame I think there is no need to worry about this.