Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany


Back in Tallinn I took the ferry to Helsinki and drove straight out of the city towards Turku, from where I would go to Stockholm a few days later.

Archipelago National Park

But first, I spent two nights in Hotel Stallbacken, located close to the town of Nagu in the Archipelago National Park in the south east of Finland.

The national park consists of thousands of islands scattered off the coast of Turku. I enjoyed the great food, clean air and quiet countryside a lot.

Hotel Stallbacken, Nagu, Finland
Local Beef
Looking good in the countryside
Yep I like that car


Nagu is a pleasant little town in the Archipelago. It has a small port and a couple of restaurants and cafes. This is where the ferry leaves that I will take on my way back to Turku.

Nagu Marina
Nagu Marina
Nagu Church
Bell tower in Nagu
Nagu seaside
Gas Station

The return journey to Turku involved two more ferries and was a very scenic drive.


I only got to spend the afternoon in Turku waiting to board the Ferry so I didn't see too much. In the city centre along the Aura river there were a lot of nice little cafes and restaurants. Close to the port you can find Turku Castle, which dates back to the 13th century and is, according to Wikipedia, the largest medieval building still standing in Finland.

Turku Cathedral
Turku Castle
Aura river in Turku

The Baltic Princess

In the evening I left Turko on board of the Baltic Princess, one of the huge RORO ferries that criss-cross the baltic sea.

This is an enormous ship with plenty of amenities including several restaurants and shops. The fare for one car includes a 4-person cabin which I consequently had all to myself.


Arriving in Stockholm in the morning I had a long and boring day in front of me. The plan was to drive all the way south until Trelleborg, where in the next morning the ferry to Germany would left.

So all I saw of Sweden was Highways and a bit of Trelleborg. And there really isn't too much to see at all. I hope I can do Sweden more justice another time.

The old water tower in Trelleborg
My room at the Best Western Magasinet in Trelleborg
Amusement park near the water tower Trelleborg


At this point the timeline gets complicated. Shortly before arriving in Trelleborg I noticed how close I actually am to Denmark. Since it was still relatively early I decided to get a late lunch in Copenhagen, going there by sea and leaving over the bridge. I even managed to get the classical Little Mermaid shot.

Entering Denmark by ferry
Leaving Denmark by bridge
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Fare for the ferry and toll for the bridge were between 50 and 60 Euros each. I honestly did not expect it to be that expensive, otherwise I'd have probably skipped that Denmark excursion.

While looking for a lunch place I stumpled upon Frederik's Church which is also known as The Marble Church.

Inside the Marble Church
Fredrik's Church in Copenhagen
The church is also known as The Marble Church



Back in Germany! The ferry from Trelleborg brought me in a couple of hours to the port of Mukran near Sassnitz on Germany's largest island, Rügen.

However no time for sight seeing, I had to continue to Rostock where I'd meet a couple of friends for the weekend.

Beach near Rostock-Warnemünde
Local Beer


Back in Berlin I'd been driving 4400km since I had left Germany roughly two weeks before. No technical issues with the car at all, I wasn't too sure that would go this well since it's 14 years old and does not see much use these days.

I spent a couple more days relaxing, watching soccer and speeding on Berlin's water ways with new and old friends.

Awesome rooftop terrace in the middle of the city is awesome.
The Fernsehturm is a major landmark in Berlin
Drinking helps.
Having a good time on one of Berlin's many water ways
Having a good time on one of Berlin's many water ways
Kleiner Müggelsee